Prana Vayu Low Cost Ventilator

IIT Roorkee develops low-cost portable ventilator to tackle COVID-19

ventilatorThe research team from IIT Roorkee, including Prof. AkshayDvivedi, Prof. Arup Kumar Das along and student team with online support from Dr. DebendraTripathi from AIIMS Rishikesh teamed up by remote communication to develop a quick time technology to help the distressed in the situation of COVID-19. The research development on the ventilator started during the lockdown period necessitating the development of many parts like microprocessor-controlled non-return valves, solenoid valves, one-way valve, etc. using the facilities of Tinkering Laboratory, IIT Roorkee.

The ventilator, ‘Prana-Vayu,’ is a closed-loop ventilator and is equipped with state-of-the-art features. It is low-cost, safe, reliable as it is equipped with real-time spirometry and alarms and can be quickly manufactured. Additionally, it does not require compressed air for functioning and can be especially useful in cases when hospital wards or open areas are converted into ICUs. It can automatically limit high pressure with an alarm system. In case of a failure, the circuit opens to the atmosphere, which prevents choking. Some additional features are remote monitoring by health professionals, touch screen control of all operating parameters, moister, and temperature control for inhaled air.

The ventilator will be useful for a wide degree of congestions in the respiratory tract and is applicable for all age group patients, especially the elderly. The team has successfully achieved the ventilatory requirement on a test lung, and it can be used for both infants and even overweight adults. The manufacturing cost per ventilator is estimated to be INR 25000.

An update: IIT Roorkee is currently doing endurance testing. Subsequently, the human simulator test will be done at AIIMS Rishikesh.

Date: 8th April 2020 Publication: The Financial Express Edition: National Page: 09 Language: English

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