To combat COVID-19, the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Roorkee has brought in various innovations and social initiatives like low-cost portable and closed-loop ventilator, ‘Prana-Vayu’, a unique surveillance system, CoronaOven for sanitization, 'Powered Air Purifying Respirator' (PAPR), Real-time PCR and virus detection kits, Herbal sanitizer, a portable COVID-19 screening booth for sample collection of the suspects and a sterilization system for Roorkee Civil hospital and Haridwar Municipal Corporation respectively, a certification course on Deep Learning at Cloudxlab and a webinar on careers in AI and machine-learning, SPARK summer internship program in the online mode, online lessons for hearing impaired students, advisory for farmers, low-cost rapid testing software, software to detect Covid-19 in 3-5 seconds, a community kitchen in association with the municipality, etc.

Besides the various team of researchers and students, many start-ups and Entrepreneurs from IIT Roorkee came ahead and successfully developed technologies and medical devices

IIT Roorkee is actively engaged in supporting the containment efforts. In addition to the academic research related to diagnostic tools, therapeutic interventions, surveillance strategies and technologies which have a long term horizon, IIT Roorkee is also engaging with the civil administration, military establishments in nearby areas and medical institutions to develop and provide technological solutions for the protection of front line workers and also in-patient care. IIT Roorkee helps and supports any request received from these institutions which are directly dealing with common people to solve any problem/issue that comes up in the course of their work. This started with the distribution of alcohol-based sanitizers to the common public with the installation of a dispensing unit for easy access by common people for a refill. Subsequently face shields were designed, fabricated, and distributed to all of these agencies for further distribution as per requirements. A sanitized chamber for sample collection has been fabricated and installed at the Civil Hospital Roorkee for protecting health workers while collecting samples. The work on the development of low-cost ventilator is in an advanced stage of testing and several manufacturing units have been informed to prepare for starting manufacture of this life-saving equipment at mass-scale.

Long term, IIT Roorkee plans to collaborate with leading institutes in the search for a vaccine for novel Coronavirus.